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portable fumigation PH3 gas detector

Category : fumigation PH3 CH3Br gas detector
Posted : 2015-10-19 13:00:00
Item : RH-2000
Detail:portable fumigation PH3 gas detector,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : USA/ UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / GREECE / CANADA / Russia / Africa /Australia/ Other countries, pls contact us.
portable fumigation PH3 gas detector

    Fumigation gas detector, PH3 gas detector, Phosphine gas detector, PH3 gas monitor supplier

    Portable fumigation gas detector RH-2000 is used to measure the Phosphine PH3 gas concentration in the process of fumigation, or measure the remainning gas concentration after a fumigation. Small range type PH3 gas detector can also be used to inspect the leak during fumigation. It is the primary tool for gas detection in fumigation field.

    RH-2000 gas detector has a internal pump, which will sample the gas directly access to the sensor. It makes the gas detector have rapid response and high accuracy. The original imported gas sensor has different ranges, which can meet different requirement in different process of fumigation.

    Measurement range: 0-10ppm to 0-2000ppm

    Sensor type: electrochemical sensor

    Sensor life: about 2 years

    Accuracy: ≤2% F.S

    Sampling: pump suction

    Pump speed: adjustable to 10 levels

    Power supply: rechargeable battery

    Weight: about 300g

    This model gas detector has explosion proof certificate and CE certificate. We have users in fumigation industry in many region, including Africa, South America, Asia, etc. If used needed, we can provide OEM serive.

    PH3 gas detector is professional measurement tool for gas concentration inspection in fumigation. Measure the PH3 gas level during or after fumigation.
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