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Portable chlorine Cl2 gas detector with built-in pump RH-2000

Category : Pump suction gas detector
Posted : 2016-04-13 08:00:00
Item : RH-2000
Detail:Portable chlorine Cl2 gas detector with built-in pump RH-2000,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : USA/ UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / GREECE / CANADA / Russia / Africa /Australia/ Other countries, pls contact us.
Portable chlorine Cl2 gas detector with built-in pump RH-2000

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    Model RH-2000 portable built-in pump gas detector is designed for chlorine gas detector measurement and inspection. Depended on the good quality and high accuracy, this gas detector becomes the most popular model in water treatment industry and chemical industry.

    Imported electrochemical sensor and intelligent chips is the base of high precision. LCD screen with high brightness provided clear and direct information of gas type, concentration, time, date, alarm status, pump status, battery status, etc. Pump suction sampling makes the gas detector have rapid response. User can set pump suction speed according to the actual needs.

    The measurement range of chlorine is 0-20ppm to 0-250ppm. This gas monitor can display the concentration in ppm and mg/m3 with internal calculation. Operating menu is English, commonly accepted by users in different countries. Explosion-proof body is suitable for special working environment.

    Portable Cl2 Gas Detector Technical Specifications:

    1)Sensor Type: Electrochemical

    2)Measurement Range: 0-10ppm, 0-20ppm, 0-50ppm, 0-100ppm, 0-200ppm, 0-250ppm(optional)

    3)Resolution: 0.01ppm or 0.1ppm

    4) Sensor life: 2 years

    5) Sampling: Pump-suction,

    6) Response Time: (T90) ≤10S

    7) Display: LCD dot matrix display

    8) Precision: 2%FS

    9) Dimension: 205*75*32mm

    10) Weight: 300g

    Water treatment industrial best popular gas detector. Portable Cl2 gas detector can provide accuracy measurement and prompt alarm for chlorine gas concentration. Factory direct supplier of portable chlorine gas detector, fixed gas detector!
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