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Portable LPG gas leak detector

Category : portable gas detector
Posted : 2018-09-19 13:06:27
Item : RH600
Detail:Portable LPG gas leak detector,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : USA/ UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / GREECE / CANADA / Russia / Africa /Australia/ Other countries, pls contact us.
Portable LPG gas leak detector

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     portable LPG gas leak detector

    Model RH600 gas leak detector is for industrial use with high performance and a wide detecting range, which can detector more than ten types combustible gas. Also, this LPG gas detector has below advantages: small figure, simple operation, easy to carry, extension flexible probe tube, high shock resistance.

    Portable combustible gas leak detector is applied to detect methane, natural gas, LPG, coal gas, ethane, propane, acetylene, butane, isobutene, pentane, hexane, halogenated hydrocarbon (methyl chloride, trichloroethane, chloroethylene, etc), alcohols (methanol, ethanol, propanol), ether, ketone (butanone, acetone), hydrogen, methylbenzene and other compound (gasoline, industrial solvent, paint, thinner, refrigerant, abluent, methyl
    acetate, etc).


    Handheld LPG gas detector technical specifications:

    Gas type: combustible explosive gas (such as methane, propane, hydrogen, etc)

    Measurement range: 0 PPM---1000 PPM & 0 PPM---10000 PPM (optional)

    Resolution: 1ppm

    Accuracy: ≤±3%F.S

    Sensor Life: 2 years

    Sensitivity: better than 50 PPM

    Response Time (T90): ≤10s

    Preheat time: ≤30S

    Operating Temperature: -10℃~55℃

    Operating Humidity: ≤93%RH (non-condensing)

    Operating Pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

    Sampling Method: diffusion

    Charging period: ≤5 hours

    Continuous Working Period of the Battery: >8h (normal working environment)

    Power Supply: rechargeable lithium battery

    Dimension: 180 mm×70 mm×35 mm

    Weight: About 300g

    Advanced design of LPG gas leak detector, imported sensor with high accuracy. Alarm sound changes with concentration level, intelligent gas detector. High response to LPG gas leak to find the leak source rapidly.
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