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Methyl bromide CH3Br gas detector for fumigation

Category : fumigation PH3 CH3Br gas detector
Posted : 2017-02-28 13:46:01
Item : RH-2000
Detail:Methyl bromide CH3Br gas detector for fumigation,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : USA/ UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / GREECE / CANADA / Russia / Africa /Australia/ Other countries, pls contact us.
Methyl bromide CH3Br gas detector for fumigation

    Methyl bromide gas detector, CH3Br gas detector, fumigation gas detector, methyl bromide gas monitor

    This special fumigation gas detector used original imported electrochemical sensor with high accuracy. It support both Chinese and English operation menu. Every minutes, the gas concentration can be calculated in ppm and mg/m3. There is an internal sampling pump for suction, the suction strength can be set in ten different level.

    The most advantage of this methyl bromide gas detector is the much more competitive price than other gas detector used PID sensor. It will save a lot for many users, and be acceptable by main clients.

    methly bromide gas detector with electrochemical sensor



    Professional CH3Br gas detector with common applications of chemical industry, fumigation, lab research, industrial production, agriculture, biology, and other industry environment which need to inspect methyl bromide CH3Br gas concentration.
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