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Gas detection control unit gas control panel gas master

Category : Gas detection control unit
Posted : 2016-06-01 09:03:13
Item : CRGD-M2-2
Detail:Gas detection control unit gas control panel gas master,High quality & Good Price!
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Gas detection control unit gas control panel gas master

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    Model CRGD-M2 gas detection control panel will make up a whole industrial gas detection system with fixed type gas detectors.

    When there is gas or volatile liquid enter the gas detector, the gas detector will process gas concentration signal to electric current signal and send the signal to gas control panel.  Gas control panel will deal with the data and display the gas concentration from each gas detector. When measured gas concentration reaches or exceeds the preset alarm level, the gas controller will alarm with acoustic and light signals. Synchronously, the actuator will start up to drive the exhauster or cut off valve and other peripheral equipments, in order to prevent poisoning accident, explosion or fire. In this way, this gas detection system can guarantee regular production and the security of the lives and property.

    gas detection systerm with fixed gas detector and gas controller

    Technical Specifications

    Power Source: AC176V~AC264V  (50Hz±1%)

    Consumption: ≤20W

    Operating Environment: Temperature: -20℃~50℃

                                       Humidity: ≤95%RH

                                       Pressure: 86~106KPa

    Display: High brightness LED display

    Input Signal: 4-20mA analog input (2-channel)

    Alarm output: 2 relay output (optional “NO” or “NC”)

                        (Capacity: 10A/30V DC or 10A/250V AC)

    Alarm Method: Visual and audible with two-stage alarm level

    Alarm Sound: >90dB

    Weight: About 2Kg

    Dimension: 280 mm×200 mm×55 mm

    Accessories: Control unit, key, operating manual,

    Installation Means: Wall mounted

    Intelligent gas control panel used military microprocessor, safe and stable. It can manager fixed gas detectors for different gas types and different measurement ranges. To make up a complete gas detector system for industrial use.
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