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Fixed methyl benzene C7H8 gas detector with 4-20mA output

Category : fixed gas detector
Posted : 2016-09-21 08:45:29
Item : CRH-80D
Detail:Fixed methyl benzene C7H8 gas detector with 4-20mA output,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : USA/ UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / GREECE / CANADA / Russia / Africa /Australia/ Other countries, pls contact us.
Fixed methyl benzene C7H8 gas detector with 4-20mA output

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    Model CRH-80 is fixed gas detector for C7H8 gas detection. It can measure the benzene gases, such as methyl benzene, phenol, etc. Adopted imported high quality gas sensor and advanced microcontroller technology, fixed benzene gas detector can response to the benzene gas immediately and translate the methyl benzene gas concentration signals into electric current signals or digital signals for outputting and transmitting. With standard 4-20mA output signal, user can remotely examine the gas level on a monitor or controller.

    For benzene gas types, there are usually two measurement ranges depended on the application. For explosion-proof application, we recommend benzene gas detector used catalytic combustion sensor, the measurement range is 0-100%LEL. For micro leak concentration measurement, we recommend use gas detector with electrochemical sensor, the measurement range is 0-100ppm. If user has special requirement for different measurement ranges, we can also provide customized.

    Model CRH-80 series Methyl benzene gas detector has high sensibility, rapid response, good linearity and short polarization period, because we used original imported sensors. We also designed two contact relay output, makes it can control or drive optional equipment directly. The cast aluminum body, solid and durable, explosion-proof design complies with the requirement of applying in Zone 1,2.

    Fixed C7H8 gas detector technical specifications:

    1) Measurement range: 0-100%LEL (catalytic combustion sensor) 0-100ppm (electrochemical sensor)

    2) Output signal: standard 4-20mA output or RS485 output, contact relay output.

    2) Setting method: remotely operated by remote controller.

    3) Accuracy: ≤±3%F.S

    4) Sensor Life: 2 years

    6) Response Time (T90): ≤30s

    7) Working Voltage: DC 24V

    8) Dimension: 180 mm×140 mm×95 mm

    9) Weight: About 1500g

    10) Protection Grade:IP65

    11) Installation: Wall mounted


    Fixed benzene gas detector with accurate calibration. Chinese famous gas detector supplier! Professional technical research and development production of gas detector. Standard 4 to 20mA output signal.
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