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Fixed ethylene oxide ETO C2H4O gas detector gas transmitter CRH-80

Category : ethylene oxide ETO C2H4O gas detector
Posted : 2016-04-06 09:00:00
Item : CRH-80
Detail:Fixed ethylene oxide ETO C2H4O gas detector gas transmitter CRH-80,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : USA/ UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / GREECE / CANADA / Russia / Africa /Australia/ Other countries, pls contact us.
Fixed ethylene oxide ETO C2H4O gas detector gas transmitter CRH-80

    C2H4O gas detector, ETO gas detector, ethylene oxide gas detector, gas transmitter, gas monitor supplier

    Fixed C2H4O gas detector is a new type gas detector designed and developed in the year of 2013. This gas detector is designed with explosion-proof enclosure to be used in explosive gas environment. With original imported electrochemical gas sensor and microcontroller technology, it focused modern technology. To measure C2H4O gas concentration uninterruptedly, and display the real-time concentration value. If the concentration reaches to alarm level, sound and light alarm will activated, if user needs, the relay output is also work. Output signal is standard 4~20mA current signal, which is easy to match common control unit or DCS system.

    Technical Specifications

    1) Detection range: 0-100ppm

    2) Response Time (T90):≤30s

    3) Display: LED

    4) Output: 4-20mA

    5) Installation method: wall mounting or pipe mounting

    6) Working Voltage: DC 24V±6V

    7) Alarm output: relay

    8) Power Consumption:≤3W

    9) Dimension:180 mm×140 mm×80 mm

    10)Weight: About 1.5Kg

    If the working site required data collection and control, we can provide gas control unit together with the gas transmitters. The control unit will display gas concentration from every gas detector. Each of the gas detectors alarms, the control unit will give audible-visual signal. One gas control unit can connect 72 pc gas detectors at most.

    Ethylene oxide gas detector factory with rich production and maintenance experience! Gas monitor supplier, not only provide product, but also service!
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