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Gas detection control unit gas control panel gas master

Category : Gas detection control unit
Posted : 2016-05-04 09:20:00
Item : CRGD-M2
Detail:Gas detection control unit gas control panel gas master,High quality & Good Price!
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Gas detection control unit gas control panel gas master

    Gas detector supplier, fixed gas detector and gas detection control unit, gas control panel


    Model CRGD-M2 is a new type gas control unit which can combine with our many series gas detectors to make up an intelligent industrial gas detection system, to monitor the gas concentration in industrial places.

     gas control unit gas detection system

    If the gas or vapor entered the gas sensor, the gas detector will send current signal to gas control unit. The gas control unit will display corresponding gas concentration value after data processing. If measured gas concentration exceeds preset alarm limit level, gas control unit will give audible-visual alarm signals and relay output to drive or control other equipment, such as valves, exhausters, alarm lights, spraying system, etc. This complete gas detection system will effectively prevent accident during industrial production.

    This gas detection control unit used big LCD display screen and high-grade keyboard for operation with Chinese and English menu. It is widely accepted because of the clear display and simple operation. The unique jamming resistance of software provides the function of self-checking for software fault, makes it be easy for maintenance.



    1) Chinese menu and English menu can be operated by different users.

    2) Used internal microprocessor with rich software function of signal collection from detectors, real-time data calculation, fault self-testing, power management, alarm display, alarm relay output, etc.

    3) It can receive 4-20mA standard analog signal and RS485 digital signal input at the same time, with big capacity and kinds of communication protocol.

    4) It can manage and monitor gas detectors for different gas types with different measurement ranges and concentration units.

    5) 4 relay output with optional NO or NC;

    6) Wall-mounting, simple operation.


    Technical Specifications

    Power Source

    AC110V/AC220V  50Hz±1%



    Operating Environment

    Temperature: -10℃~50℃

    Humidity: ≤95%RH

    Pressure: 86~106KPa


    192*64 LCD display in Chinese or English

    Input Signal

    4-channel 4-20mA analog input;

    32-channel RS485 MODBUS-RTU input.

    Alarm output

    4 relay optional “NO” or “NC”

    (Capacity: 10A/30V DC or 10A/250V AC)

    Alarm Method

    Visual and audible with two-stage alarm level

    Alarm Sound


    Accepted Gas Detector Qty

    32 pcs at most

    Alarm Record

    1500 records of alarm memory

    Installation Means

    Wall mounted

    Transmission Distance

    ≤1500m (2.5mm2)

    Protection Grade


    Cable Requirement

    RVVP 1.5mm2×3 or RVVP 1.5mm2×4


    340 mm×240 mm×110 mm


    About 3Kg


    Control unit, key, operating manual

    Intelligent gas detection control unit for all kinds of gas detector. Gas master to monitor fixed gas detectors. High quality gas control panel from factory direct supplyer.
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