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Why you need fixed gas detection system, not a portable gas detector

Demand for sensitive and reliable ways to detect trace amounts of hazardous and polluting gases is increasing with today’s growing concern for worker safety and the environment. As a result, more and more plants are looking to fixed gas detection systems to provide an early earning of potentially hazardous environmental conditions. A fixed detection system is a dedicated system of components installed in a plant to determine when gas levels exceed preselected limits. Although hazards can be monitored with portable gas detectors or by taking samples for laboratory evolution, such equipment provides only spot checks and should be used only when the risk is low or fixed systems are impractical. In most cases, if the scene does not allow personnel to enter or need continuous uninterrupted inspecting, a fixed system should be used.

1)    Portable gas detectors can only be carried on site. portable gas detectors are not suitable for situations where the environment is not suitable for people to enter, for example, the temperature is too low or too high, the space is narrow or dangerous.

2)    Only a fixed gas detector can be used to measure gas concentrations in pipes, tanks, gas transmission systems, or other confined spaces.

3)    If the working environment needs 24 hours continuous monitoring gas concentration, the fixed gas detector is more appropriate. Because portable gas detectors are likely to interrupt monitoring due to limited battery operating time.

4)    The fixed gas detector can be used in conjunction with the gas controller for remote data transmission and analysis. This is a job what a portable gas detector can’t do.

5)    Fixed gas detection system with relay output, can control other equipment field, such as warning lights, exhaust valve, spray, etc. Portable gas detectors are not available.

To sum up, fixed online gas detectors are more suitable than portable gas detectors in some workplaces. Customers should select the most suitable gas detector according to their actual work and production needs. We Henan Ronghe company will give customers more professional advice and guidance to help customers select the most suitable product model.

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