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Which places need to install flammable combustible gas detector alarm system

Usually which places need to install the combustible gas alarm system? Combustible gas alarm system is composed of combustible gas detectors and control panel, widely used in the presence of flammable gas or liquid steam exiting place. Due to the combustible gas explosion exists at any time, almost most of the chemical plant, workshop, refinery, power plant, gas stations, oil wells, gasoline warehouse, steel mills, coal mine, pharmaceutical, oil depots, underground parking, family kitchen, biogas station, etc, many application environment need combustible gas detectors to ensure the safety. Because the leak of liquid steam or combustible gas will inevitably in these many work environments, if the leakage of flammable gas or liquid vapor are not found in time, gas concentration continue to accumulate, and then reaches to the explosion limit, a fire or explosion accident may occur at any time.

If there is combustible gas in the measured site, the gas detector will convert the gas concentration signal into a voltage signal or current signal to the alarm instrument or control panel. At the same time, the control panel displays the real time concentration of combustible gas. When the combustible gas concentration exceeds the preset alarm limit value, the sound and light alarm will be activated. The alarm will warn the duty personnel to take safety measures in a timely manner, to avoid the occurrence of explosion accident. If needed, a whole gas detection system can include not only gas detector and control panel, but also valve, exhauster, etc. When alarm, the relays will drive the valve be cut down or exhauster be on. In order to ensure the safety of personal and equipment, and to meet the requirements of industrial places for the safety of flammable and explosive gas, combustible gas detector system is of great significance.

Gas detection system includes gas detector, gas control unit, etc.

Which places need to install the combustible gas detectors? We can say anywhere used or existed combustible gas, all need to install the combustible gas detectors. If your production workshop or any site needs to inspect the combustible gas level, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you a complete gas detection solution.

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