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What did gas detector do for 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio

The Olympic Games are considered to be the world's foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating. This year's summer Olympic Games held inBrazil, Boosting Brazil's economy at the same time, for food and beverage, accommodation, travel demand is very big.

One week from today, the final curtain will be drawn on the 2016 Summer Olympics, and life inRio de Janeirowill begin to return to normal. Athletes, fans, and support staff will return to their home countries. Temporary venues will be disassembled. Security gates, trashcans, and port-o-potties—all returned to storage.

Let’s see what job gas detector did during the period of Olympic Games. For the Olympic village, gas safety inspection is demanding, especially for combustible gas and CO gas. As a professional supplier of gas detectors, Henan Ronghe is able to provide combustible gas leak detectors to check the natural gas or LPG gas leak and find the leak source rapidly. The combustible gas detector flammable gas monitor is widely applied in human house. We hope more and more people will realize the importance of gas detection.

Many people may not know there are gas detectors in the Olympic venues. Toxic gas detector played a very important role in many sport venues. For example, Olympic swimming pool needs chlorine gas detector and ozone gas detector to inspect the gas concentration for water disinfection. Most indoor Olympic venues installed CO2 gas detector and VOC gas detector to control the indoor air quality. H2S gas detector is used to measure the volatile gas during water treatment and NH3 ammonia gas detector is used to check leakage from refrigeration equipments of air conditioner.

From the application in Olympic, we found gas detector is getting closer to our life. With more and more people's safety awareness, gas detector is becoming our security guard. If you need this guard to protect your life or production safety, please contact the factory direct supplier, www.gasdetector-china.com

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