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New model of portable combustible gas leak detector

After one year of research and repeated tests, we decided to launch a new product in the middle of September. This is a new portable combustible gas leak detector. The function is similar to model JL269, but we controlled the cost strictly during development, and the new model will have more competitive price and wider market.

Low price don't mean bad quality. On the contrary, the gas leak detector still uses origin imported sensors with high sensitivity to ensure a good quality. It has a flexible gooseneck probe, can freely enter the narrow space. User can quickly find the source of the leak according to the frequency of the alarm tone. The types of gases that can be detected include natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane, propane, heptane, pentane, hydrogen, and other more than 10 kinds of flammable and explosive gases. The new gas leak detector can also show the leak concentration, allowing users intuitively understand the amount of leakage.

 new combustible gas leak detector

Here is the picture of the sample. We show it to our new and old clients. I hope you can give advice. We would be pleased if you like our new design. Let's meet in September!

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