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Macron sworn in as new French president, new gas detector business time

PARIS - Centrist Emmanuel Macron was sworn in as the eighth president of the French Fifth Republic in a ceremony at the Elysee Palace here on Sunday.

French President Emmanuel Macron

After a warm welcome from outgoing President Francois Hollande at the Elysee Palace at around 10:00 am local time (0800 GMT), Macron and Hollande held a closed-door meeting during which Macron was handed the codes to launch France's nuclear arsenal.

President of the Constitutional Council Laurent Fabius then announced the final results of presidential elections and Macron officially assumed the office.

In a speech to several hundred guests, Macron said, "The French have chosen hope and the spirit of conquest."

"I will not give up on the commitments made with regard to the French," said the new president.

"Nothing will make me renounce to defend the interests of France. From this evening I will be at work," he stressed.

During the coming five years of his governing term, Macron hopes to draw "one of the most beautiful images of our history," in which Europe must be more "efficient" and more "democratic."

We believe that the idea of the new president will certainly bring an important turning point to the economic development of france. This means that China and France will develop more closely in economic and cultural exchanges. The most significant changes are now in the gas and oil industries. As a safety tool in the petrochemical industry, gas detectors will be further opened up in france. With the changing economic environment, both industrial gas detector and household gas detector will enter France to serve more users. We sincerely hope that gas detector and gas alarm products in France have more users and supporters, and get more recognition.

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