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Know your gas detection requirements before confined space entry

There are no second chances with confined space entry. It has to be right first time. That’s why we have to know as more information as we can before our entry. After reading, user will know what important a gas detector is.

 confined space gas detector

The HSE Confined Space Regulations 1997 define a confined space as: “A space of an enclosed nature where there is a risk of death or serious injury from hazardous substances or dangerous conditions”. Whereas some confined spaces are easy to identify others are less obvious and often disregarded as a confined space - examples of this include; open topped / combustion chambers, roof spaces, road tankers and refrigerated store rooms.

Confined space is very dangerous, the main reason is there may be dangerous gas or limit oxygen. What shall we do before enter the space?

Firstly, know your gases. The atmosphere in confined spaces can very rapidly become extremely hazardous because of the lack of natural air and ventilation. Although the gases below are common gases, the build up in a small space is deadly. Many processes such as welding not only consume oxygen but replace the oxygen in the air around to create gaseous containments.

1)Flammable gases, flammable gases may be present in the confined space, and could cause fire or explosion if ignited.

2) Toxic gases, toxic gases, fumes and vapours can be identified using correctly specified confined space testing equipment.

3) Oxygen depletion & enrichment. The normal oxygen level is 20.9%, the maximum is 23.5%, levels above is figure can increase the risk of fire. 19.5% is the minimum legal working level, below which harm can occur to anyone in the confined space.


After know the effects of each gas, user should realize the importance of gas detectors. The tricky part is deciding which gas detector is for you? Select the right gas detector could be the single most important decision you ever make. It directly determine your safe and healthy in the confined space. Common gas detector including portable gas detector and fixed gas detector. For confined space, we recommend portable gas detector with a pump. Drawing a sample protects the user by eliminating any need to enter the space or by providing pre-entry checks if the space has to be entered.


Henan Ronghe are specialized in gas detector with 20 years experience, our gas detector gas monitor used advanced technology with wide measurement range. If you have any query, please tell us, we will provide customized products depended on your actual needs. We hope to be your guard before confined space entry.


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