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H2S gas detection and H2S gas detector

gas detection


A hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sensor is a gas sensor employed for measuring hydrogen sulfide. This sensor is a metal oxide semiconductor that changes the resistance that is normally produced by desorption and adsorption of hydrogen sulfide in a film. The film can be a gold thin film or tin oxide film that is sensitive to hydrogen sulfide. The current response time of hydrogen sulfide sensor ranges from 25 ppb to 10 ppm, which is less than 1 minute.



Some of the recent applications of hydrogen sulfide gas sensor include the following:


l  Sewage and water treatment plants


l  Gas turbines


l  Compressor stations


l  Gas storage and loading facilities


l  Battery rooms


l  Parking garages


l  Oil and gas exploration and production


l  Sulfur recovery plants


l  Offshore platforms and drilling rigs


l  Solvent monitoring


l  Sterilizing rooms in hospitals.




Hydrogen sulfide gas is highly toxic and one among the most common contaminants in natural gas and crude oil. In high concentrations, this gas can cause nausea, unconsciousness and even death. It is still dangerous in lower concentrations resulting in headaches and skin and eye irritations.




The oil and gas industries struggle to detect this deadly substance to save lives, and hence several safety system manufacturers have developed sensor technologies for quickly sensing H2S. Toxic gas detection technologies are rapidly advancing. Some fixed gas detector technologies like electrochemical sensors, metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) detectors and optical detectors are indeed the current proven detection technologies.




Fixed H2S gas detector and portable H2S gas detector with electrochemical sensor have many advantages, such as high sensitivity, high accuracy, rapid response, low cost, long service life, simple maintenance, etc. We sincerely recommend this gas detector supplier to you: www.gasdetector-china.com  



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