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Chemical plant gas leak kills 1, injures 31 in Xinjiang China


URUMQI - One person was killed and another 31 were injured after a gas leak in a chemical factory in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, local authorities said on July-29.

The high-temperature gas leaked while workers were conducting pipeline maintenance at the Xinjiang Yihua chemical industry company in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture at around 7:00 p.m. in July 28th, said a statement from the Xinjiang's regional government.

Among the workers hospitalized, 18 were seriously injured, it said.

The case is under further investigation.

This is a bad new for all of us. Everyone doesn't want to hear such new. But accidents happen every day. We sincerely hope that industrial workers will pay attention to preventing the damage caused by production accidents to themselves. Gas detectors and gas leak alarms are essential tools. In industrial and agricultural production, if gas detectors can be widely used, timely warning will be made to reduce the casualties caused by the accident.

Danger may be far away, or it may be around us. There should be no luck at all times. Our friendship prompt: for your safety, the industrial enterprise must install the gas leak detector and alarm.

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