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Before buy gas detector you should know these

With increasing demand of gas detector, we often get asked to provide quotations for gas detectors from companies big and small. However, not every user knows what they should know about this product before buying. That’s why many users don’t know how to choose a suitable model and which type of gas detector is most suitable for their site and application.

Most users only know that the gas detector’s main function is when the gas leak concentration reaches or exceeds the preset alarm level, it will alarm. They need such product to give prompt alarm to protect the life safety. But, many users don’t know how to let the gas detector play the biggest role to provide alarm. Now, as a gas detector manufacturer and supplier, only we can give professional advices.

The key question that we always ask any customer is what do you want the gas detectors to do for you? Before purchasing, users need to know below questions,

1) Which gas type you want to detector?

2) Do you want to analyze the data that the gas detectors collected?

3) Do you want to see the readings or are you simply after leave the site?

4) Do you want maintenance free detectors?

5) Do you want to measure the gas concentration at site or transmit the gas concentration output to your computer?

6) Have you thought about additional costs such as recalibration and replacement sensors or calibration gases?

7) Are you looking to recalibrate them by yourselves?

8) Have you thought about staff training requirements for new gas detectors?

We like to make sure you are fully aware of the full costs of buying gas detectors. Please contact us for free, unbiased, on site advice and demonstrations for all your gas detection requirements. In addition, We can provide customized gas detectors according to customers different personal demand.

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