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New function of our portable gas detector model RH-1600

Any product needs to be constantly updated to meet the needs and requirements of the market, so does the gas detector. Over the past 8 years, our engineers have been developing and upgrading our products, including portable gas detectors and fixed gas detection systems. In addition to developing new models, upgrades to the old models have always been their work.

In this month, our engineer finished the third version upgrade of portable gas detector model RH-1600. They did the following two points in this upgrade:

1) The brightness of the screen becomes adjustable. Users can adjust the contrast of the screen freely according to the light condition of the environment. In a bright light environment, the screen brightness can be lowered to save power consumption. The brightness of the screen can be increased in the dim light for clearer display.

2) The engineer added a temperature and humidity display to the gas monitor. When users obtain the gas concentration value, they can know the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air. Many suppliers provide this function as an optional feature. But we added this feature free of charge to the product. Users can get more functionality and better experience without having to pay extra.

portable gas detector new display

Hope our users will like our this product upgrade. In future use, if you want to get other new functions, please feel free to contact us. Maybe your suggestion will be approved and applied in our next product upgrade. We would appreciate it.

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